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NSMI is a top-notch Orthopedic practice.  While there are many options of orthopedics in this general area, they are worth the trip.  Dr. Coleman was not a name I was familiar with when a long time patient refereed me.  I must say he is top of the line.  He had it all...his bed side manner is beyond belief.  He takes more than time to talk to and explain every ounce of a situation.  Not only did I see Dr. Coleman on a "follow up MRI" but surgery and rehab was required.  Dr. Coleman you are an asset to this practice (from what was referred to me based on Dr. David and Tim).  I didn't imagine I would be close to where I am 6 weeks after my surgery.  You are the best and thank you for all of the time you have spent with me and helping make this recovery the very best.

My daughter is a gymnast who spends 25 hours a week in the gym.  She hurt her shoulder landing wrong on a new bar dismount.  We quickly sought medical attention and followed orders to a T.  Her shoulder did not improve within a two month time frame.  We asked around for a Dr. for a second opinion.  Dr. T. Johnson was highly recommended.  
One the first visit he put my daughter through many range of motion test and ordered new X-rays and MRIs.  Both came back clear.  He had her rest completely for three weeks and that also showed no improvement. She had surgery July 1, 2016 and has been in less pain since the surgery than she has been since April.  
Dr. Johnson went into the surgery to find out what was causing her pain, found the problem and fixed it.  While fixing her biceps he took into consideration the demands of gymnastics.  Fixed it a way that would lessen the chance of injuring the bone and bicep.
I would highly recommend Dr. T. Johnson.  If there is ever a need for another surgery, we will return to his office.

This doctor is very highly knowledged. Would recommend to anyone. Was very kind and took his time to listen to what we had to say. I have only one complaint: I had to wait FOREVER in the office. Was very busy, and the office was a bit small. But other than that, it was great!

bless Bernard he fixed my knee and is an amazing guy, very nice and understandind, very supportive overall lovely man

by Dr. John A. Bruno, Jr. on National Sports Medicine Institute

I have been sending my patients who need surgery to NSMI for 10 years; several hundred such. This is a well run practice with very competent and pleasant doctors and they get good results. You will most likely be very happy there as a patient. Questions? Call my office @ 703-317-2800.

 Aug 24, 2015 by Phyllip R.

Your Location: Ashburn, VA •
Name Of Provider: T. Johnson
 After years of pain in my left should and numerous doctors both regular and Ortho specialist telling me that it was just arthritis I finally scheduled an appointment with Dr. T Johnson who actually took the time to get both xray’s and CT scans which showed two of the three tendons were torn and the bisep separated.  He preformed the rotator culf surgery and after 3 months of physical therapy I had 100% use of my shoulder and arm once again.  During my recovery and PT Dr. Johnson called to check on my progress and had the PT doctors send him weekly progress reports.  Can’t say enough about how engaged Dr. Johnson was during the entire procedure and follow up.  In subseqent visits for other issues the entire staff has been very friendly and professional and I would without reservation highly recommend NSMI to anyone in need of any Orthopedic work.


May 21, 2015 by Stacie


I really like this office. I see Dr. Tim and Polly Porter for a knee injury that\’s reoccurring due to a poor aligned knee cap. I had surgery with Dr. Tim in 2013 and my recovery didn\’t go so well – something I\’m not used to. I had far more appointments with Dr. Tim and Polly post-op than I have had in the past for what I would consider a fairly simple procedure. They worked with me and my concerns, explained what was going on and minimized my fears. 

Dr. Tim is a meticulous physician – he wants to see your films and wants to have everything in hand so he can give you the BEST treatment possible. So as a patient, you need to go in there with everything: films, notes from other doctors, what you\’ve been doing. Go prepared and you\’ll get excellent treatment. Do as they tell you – get your X-Rays done. Get things faxed on time, etc. They\’re a busy office and they\’re trying to give everyone the best care. If you don\’t do what they ask, they can\’t give you what you need. Simple as that. 
I have experience a long wait time on more than one occasion – but I\’ve experienced that at every single doctors office I\’ve ever visited. Things build up prior to you getting there. 
I receive great care from this office. I know that these physicians care about me and my knee (and foot – I broke that too) and want me to get better. That\’s all you could ever want from a doctor.



Mar 23, 2015 by Bobbi W.


Mar 23, 2015 by Bobbi W. Gainesville, VA
Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a second opinion of a surgery perform by an orthopedic in the Northern Virginia Area?  My daughter broke her left elbow in June 2014 and the surgeon who displayed perfect bedside manner performed the surgery.  Unfortunately my daughter had pain and could not straighten her arm or bend it.  She continued to follow that doctors\’ orders and go to Physical therapy for 3 months after surgery.  When I attempted to make an appointment with a specialist in elbows which most of the big orthopedic groups have they would not see my daughter for a second opinion.  They would tell me that it is the policy of the group not to do second opinions however if I could get a hold of the doctor he may allow us to book an appointment.  Can you imagine having a 24 year old without use of her left arm and no one was willing to see her?  UNTIL I called National Sports Medicine Institute(NSMI). 

The culture at this practice is to provide the best medical care for the patient.  We met with Dr. Timothy Johnson.  He does not come across as the perfect bedside manner doctor.  Instead he studies every piece of documentation, CT-scans and did a complete physical work up on my daughters elbow.  You can see his mind working at our first visit.   During this time he does not talk while he is figuring out what can be done.  Dr. Johnson determined that another surgery was required and would take twice as long as the first surgery.  He used all the documentation, CT scans from the first surgeon.  He did not waste any time or money ordering new x-rays.  He performed the surgery in December.  In the recovery room my daughter was in tears because she had more use of her arm than she had since she broke it.  We never dreamed that within a month she had recovered a 100% use of her arm.  If you need an honest, thoughtful, educated opinion of  what can be done don\’t hesitate to see Dr. Timothy Johnson.  Dr. Johnson is without a doubt the most skillful Orthopedic Surgeon in the Northern Virginia area.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Dr. Timothy Johnson for his professional expertise in giving my daughter back the use of her left arm.  Thank you for caring more about the patient than the Northern Virginia \”brotherhood\” of orthopedics.



Aug 02, 2009 by Adam H.

Your Location: Richardson, TX •
Name Of Provider: David Johnson

This place ended up being a two hour trip from my home in Alexandria, but it was worth it.  Dr. David Johnson came highly recommended by my regular orthopedic Dr. Bruno, and I can see why.  He’s extremely knowledgeable about a rather newly-discovered condition: a torn labrum of the hip (like A-Rod).  

He’s a young cool doctor who looks like he’s an athlete, and thus someone who can relate to sports and its injuries.